What We Do


Rehab Experts

With about $25 million in transactions during the last  8 years alone, we are one of the foremost rehab experts in the Cleveland, OH area. 


We provide TRUE turnkey single- and multi-family rental properties with   11% - 15% net cap rates. ( not guaranteed)  


We Do Everything

We have spent a decade developing profound & honorable relationships in the Cleveland area real estate, property rehab & property management industries.

Extremely knowledgeable and proficient in personally navigating each sale from point of purchase, through the inspection process to securing tenants, and making sure everything goes smoothly . I have a dedicated staff to handle the complex world of investing in Cleveland, . It is all about he team around you. 


Why Invest in Cleveland?

A recently released report by HouseCanary, a real estate industry data analytics firm, ranked Cleveland, OH as #1 out of The 50 Hottest and Coldest Markets For Rental Property Investment 

Unbeknownst to most outsiders, Cleveland’s rebirth has been happening at street level for years...quickly luring America’s youngest and brightest away from Boston, Austin, and Silicon Valley. -Forbes 

8 years of Knowledge


Amazon opeaning TWO plants nearly 2 million sq ft

Brand new 1  mill sq ft.  in the heart of everything , other Euclid Mall about 800k sq ft


Forbes agrees .

 Cleveland is the Best overall rental market in America 2 years in a row ranked by Forbes. Really the last 10 years, but they were not paying attention.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/petertaylor/2016/10/27/why-cleveland-is-americas-hottest-city-right-now/#4751306f6488 

Cleveland suburbs .


North Collinwood


N Collinwood,  5 ,6 years ago we were buying at 15- 20k , giving to clients at 25- 30k MAX, people told us we were nuts . Now the entire area known as The Waterloo district  has had a huge positive transformation .

 They city spent millions redoing the streets, and even put up a stage for outdoor concerts. There is now a sheik coffee shop, the coolest record store you have ever seen  selling vintage products, and Beechland  Tavern, packed 4 nights a week with bands from all over America  .


We did about 30 props in this area. If anyone tells you not to buy in N Collinwood they have no clue what they are doing . Even S Collinwood in certain areas is making a comeback. New homes from the Community redevelopment bank .

Also N Collinwood boarders Bratenahl , Never have I seen where you can buy a house for 40k, and literally a PAR 5 away houses start at 400k and go to 10 mill, YES 10 mill. Its all on Lakeshore Blvd, 10 min from the city,



Cleveland Clinic, University Circle , Case Western University


  10 years ago  it was nothing, properties  all around it were lets just say it looked like a war zone. I told EVERYONE to buy buy buy, they all laughed. WELL now you cant find a house that is falling apart. ALL gone all replaced with new homes and town homes. In the last 3 years the area has simply boomed like no other area I  know  of in America.   NONE well 70% of this was not here 5 – 7 years ago, have a look. They are sill knocking things down and building like crazy. 


Case Western. Top 100 in the country 

Not Ivy league but very very good. , HIGH demand area for rentals, 5 years ago you could have bought anything you wanted, now good luck  finding a deal.  



We strive for excellance

With our " client first " mentality you can be rest assured you will be treated fair with pricing for repairs . With our combined 30 years experience you will never feel just like a number.